Rape cases are either treated shabbily or made to fester for too long in this part of the world. In the history of Nigeria as at November 2015, there have only been 18 (eighteen) successful Rape Convictions as stated by many prominent Nigerian feminists in an article on Premium Times. A good number of females who have been assaulted by strangers, friends or family members have had to face the consequences of their ordeal alone despite their innocence.

We are aware that many young ladies are also partially at fault when it comes to rape cases….hence the need to put together a two-way sensitization of the men and the women on the ills/consequence of rape on one hand and the things to do to avoid being in a position to get raped on the other. We are also aware that one of the most crucial steps to take to reduce sexual assault on women and children is to support victims to have the courage to OPENLY SPEAK OUT ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES. Paedophilia will also be brought into the picture as we take a all-round stance against the vile monster called RAPE.

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