The Miss Imo Beauty Pageant is back, better and here to stay. Gone are the days when young girls of Imo origin jostle for a shot at the crown for just vain glory sake. The all-new rebranded and repackaged Miss Imo Beauty Pageant (also referred to as Miss Heartland) has been introduced to make sure the emerging queen is well and truly taken as an ambassador for the State in Nigeria and in Diaspora.

Imo State is home to arguably the most beautiful women in Nigeria and in Africa...this is due to its obvious natural endowment and of course several higher institutions and an enviable number of secondary schools plus numerous government and private tertiary institutions in neighboring states that rely on the hospitality and entertainment savvy nature of the state.

To stay in line with Mrs Julia Morley's (Miss World Organiser) beauty with a purpose agenda so as to produce a beautiful, responsible, talented and intelligent Miss Imo that has poise, confidence and the where-with-all in an increasingly competitive world thereby providing a role model for the youth and also bringing value, fame and a source of pride to the good people of Imo state and the south-east as she participates in the next Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria MBGN Pageant with the hope of coming tops among her peers.

To use this pageant as a means of giving value to society...thereby positively affecting lives directly and indirectly in the process.


  • Help provide our youth a medium of self-discovery and also showcase their immense talents to the world.
  • Help instil core values of self confidence, self esteem, value creation, taking responsibility and developing a strong personality in our young women.
  • Serve as a medium to identify-with and involve the “Women for Change Initiative” at the Event Launch and the Event Proper to help in the sensitization of our society.
  • Serve as a medium to campaign against societal ills that are predominant in some Imo youth and the society at Prostitution, girl-child discrimination, widowhood molestation, child trafficking, corruption, cultism in higher institutions etc.
  • Serve as a medium to uplift and showcase Imo's Culture and Tourism value as a state as well as help promote Imo state as a viable brand/platform  to the world.
  • Help create an employment avenue for some of the youth abiding in the state through her thought-provoking, ground-breaking annual pet projects.
  • Serve as a medium to foster unity amongst the people of the state as it promises to be very exciting.
  • Will in its own way, serve as a medium for stake holder companies and businesses that identify with the project to showcase their goods and services (via identifying with such a powerful brand) to the whole nation and the world at large, due to our impending media partnership with top class media vehicles.


2001 – Ella Unachukwu
2002 – Afy Okwechime
2004 – Nkem Obichere (1st Miss Heartland)
2007 – Gwendolyn Nebedum
2008 – Ugonna Onyenekwu
2009 – Odera Umunnakwe
2010 – Amaka Nwachukwu



  1. Entertainment Value
  2. Female-Gender Development/ Youth Enhancement Value
  3. Tourism Enhancement/ Attraction Value
  4. Socio-Cultural Value
  5. Socio-Economic Value
  6. Brand Marketing cum Identification Value

 Miss Amity

The word Amity means MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, PEACEFUL HARMONY or FRIENSHIP. As the word entails, the winner of the Miss Amity title will be the one who is considered amongst the final 27 contestants as the MOST FRIENDLY/PEACEFUL/KIND character while in camp. She will be voted for by her peers in camp, as the contestants will not be able to cast any votes for themselves. The winner of the Miss Amity title will have an automatic slot in the top ten positions during the coronation ball/grand finale.

Miss Photogenic

The most photogenic contestant (contestant with the most beautiful looking pictures) will be rewarded with this title. The title Miss Photogenic will go to the contestant whose pictures attract the most votes online (50%) and real-time (50%) as the fans and the Miss Imo Team will decide this one. The winner of the Miss Photogenic title will have an automatic slot in the top ten positions during the coronation ball/grand finale.

Miss Industrious

Very plain and simple. Contestants will be allowed to market event tickets and sponsorship opportunities as a means of aiding the pageant to generate revenue. This, in clear terms means that the contestant with the most REVENUE GENERATED on behalf of the pageant will be rewarded with this title. The winner of the Miss Industrious title will have an automatic slot in the top ten positions during the coronation ball/grand finale.

Highest Social-media Votes

The Contestant with the HIGHEST SOCIAL-MEDIA VOTES (as regards who wins the Miss Imo 2016 Contest) from all our online platforms will have ten (10) points added to her overall score-points tally which will be judged over a hundred points. This will surely be very decisive as ten points could crucially swing the final result at the grand-finale in the winner’s favour. This means contestants must solicit for online votes or risk losing out narrowly at the grand-finale to whoever wins the 10 points attached to the online winner.


The Pre-contest event will consist the Fashion Show, The Brain-Teaser and the Talent hunt. All twenty-seven (27) Contestants will be judged based on performance and their points tally will be judged over thirty (30) points. Whatever score a contestant gets at the pre-contest will be added to her score-point tally at the grand-finale. This will be a very pulsating and highly emotional event as the contestants battle it out for who wins the ultimate prize.

The Pageant Grand-Finale/ Coronation-Ball

Simply Top-class...A master-peice, state-of-the-art pageant will have top class guest performers thrill us with their breath-taking hit songs alongside some scintillating performances from top quality indigenous musicians. Our choice of Musical Artistes will be decided bearing in mind the fact that we plan to maintain an Event Venue Serene Ambience to add class to post-production.

Our choice of comperes for the pageant will be communicated across in due course.
An awesome looking stage platform is bound to thrill the audience as a mixture of digital technology, sound artistry and splendid lighting will definitely hold every one spell-bound...alongside High-Definition production with up-to-date sound engineering to adequately fill the venue and also preserve the hall's ambience.
A one hour Red Carpet Session will take place between 7:00pm and 8:00pm as guests arrive the venue.

Top brass citizens, NGO’s and top show business personalities of the state and its environs will surely be in attendance... Adequate Security will be provided with the use of the State Security Service (SSS) personnel, the Nigeria Police and some private security firms.

Judges will be chosen from various walks of life. They will be mandated to provide Imo State with a totally unbiased judgement. The average score-point of the contestants’ performances at the grand-finale will be judged over seventy points. When that’s done, the judges will add-up the score-points from each contestant’s Pre-Contest performance to make up their Over-all Score Point Tally. The winner of the online vote will have ten points added to her tally. Eventually, a winner will emerge…to become the Miss Imo 2016.



If you successfully emerge as the eventual winner of the Miss Imo Beauty Pageant 2016, you are expected to:

  1. Be of impeccable character at ALL times.
  2. Be responsible for the planning and execution of post-pageant activities.
  3. Abide by the terms and conditions as stipulated in your application form.
  4. Appear decent and appropriately dressed WHENEVER you are outdoors.
  5. Not be in a public squabble, loud debate or at indecent gatherings.
  6. Professionally carry out sponsors’ and organizers agreed activities.
  7. Protect the crown and your office at all times with dignity.
  8. Never ever be vulgar or utter inappropriate words to anyone.
  9. Never put yourself in a situation where you become an object of ridicule or jest.
  10. Be very careful of your online and real-time activities.
  11. Always report to the organizers after every post-event activity during your tenure.
  12. Ensure the organizers are aware of ALL your travel destinations and appointments.



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